Top Tips on Becoming Popular in College

Top Tips on Becoming Popular in College

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College life is one of the most interesting and remarkable part of one’s life. It is the time when one breaks free from their cocoon and learn to live on their own. There are a lot of things that college students look for, and the top ones are popularity, success and having fun. When someone is popular, they do not have trouble making friends and have fun with.

If you are still waiting to get popular in college, here are some tips to help you out –

  • People want to be around people who have a sense of humor. It is the smiles and laughs that make people attractive. You need to have a good sense of humor, but it doesn’t mean that you need to be a comedian. You should not just be too boring.
  • Social media is a great platform to make new friends. Thus, to become popular, you need to be active on social media. Whether it is about sharing your own college life, creating events or sharing interesting college videos, you should be able to get people to talk. You can expand your circle by making new friends but do not appear too desperate.
  • You should join some committee or social club where it is easier to interact with students with same interests. You will also get to act or organize college fests. When you perform well in these things, you are surely going to get noticed, and you will get in contact with many more people.

Remember that just making friends is not enough; friendship is a long-term process and takes effort. Once you have made good friends, you need to be loyal to them and not hurt their feelings. It is important, to be honest, and helpful if you want to remain popular in college.

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