Ultimate to-do list for a parent-to-be

Ultimate to-do list for a parent-to-be

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Perhaps you are pregnant or your partner is or you have decided to go it alone. Whatever the case may be there are certain things you should check off your to-do list before the baby arrives.

What should be on the list?

This can include anything you like, really– don’t skip the fun stuff! We can get to the serious administrative and medical checks later. But this is an exciting time: you are waiting to welcome a new person into the world. It is beautiful so enjoy it.

Choose whether or not you want to know the sex of the baby when the doctors are able to tell you. Will you wait for the birth of the child or perhaps have a gender-reveal party? This is a popular trend these days. A bunch of balloons or a cake with pink or blue filling reveals boy or girl.

You should also organise practical things like baby proofing, setting up a nursery and collecting things you will need like baby bottles, a cot, clothes etc. But that is what baby showers are for!

What else must be on the list?

If you are planning to fall pregnant make sure to compare medical aid schemes until you find one that has the comprehensive plan you are looking for. Be sure to do this before you fall pregnant, if possible, because certain medical aids will not cover you if you are already pregnant.

Make sure to schedule regular doctor’s visits. The general rule is that a doctor will want to see you once a month for the first 4 to 28 weeks, once every 2 weeks between weeks 28 to 36 and once a week from 36 weeks onward.

If you do not have medical aid consider a hospital plan with a savings account so that should an emergency occur or labour  begin you can be rushed to hospital with no questions asked.

Have your going-into-labour bag packed. This should include anything you may need on the day of the birth. You won’t have time to think about it as it is happening – trust me!

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