What to Expect While Traveling with Your Partner

What to Expect While Traveling with Your Partner

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Traveling with a new partner for the first time is exciting and romantic. You visualise all of the super cute activities you are going to enjoy together such as walking along the beach hand in hand, or gazing into each other’s eyes.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the fantasy of what our trip will be like, we forget to acknowledge the fact that our partners are actually human. The reality of a relationship, and spending a lot of time in the company of another person is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for traveling with your partner:

You May Both Have a Different Approach to Travel

Everybody has different travel styles and although you may both have common travel interests, you will not uncover your differences until you actually arrive at your vacation destination. Perhaps you are the sort of person that likes to plan every part of your trip down to the smallest detail, whereas your partner is a more “go with the flow” kind of person.

To minimize any arguments or differences of opinion, discuss what you both want to achieve and see during your trip prior to departure. Set roles in order to determine who will organize what part of the trip.

The Reality is Not the Fantasy

The reality of traveling with your partner may not live up to the romantic fantasy that you have painted in your mind. In your fantasy, you may be skipping along the beach hand in hand, in reality, you may be sitting in your hotel suite as your partner fights off food poisoning.

By all means, daydream about your trip, but remember that your partner is human after all. Don’t give them a hard time if things don’t live up to your dream scenario.

You Have to Discuss Your Budget

Whether you’re pooling your finances together or managing them separately, you should still discuss your budget for the trip. Make sure you are being mindful of the average costs of various activities.

This is particularly the case if the two of you have different travel styles and tastes. If one of you is more of a budget traveler, yet the other wants to check out that fancy restaurant, it can make a big dent into your budget. Certain activities simply may not be feasible with the money that you have. Discuss this early on so that you are sure that you are both on the same page. Try to establish a daily allowance if you can so that you don’t go overboard.

You Need to Manage Your Expectations

You may envisage that your romantic trip is going to come accompanied by plenty of adventurous and erotic encounters. After long days of sightseeing and walking around, it’s understandable that one or both of you may be simply too exhausted or generally not in the mood. Don’t give yourselves a hard time about this. It’s completely understandable when you are busy and not reflective on the quality of your relationship.

You Will Have to Acknowledge Your Stress Triggers

Spending every moment of every day with a person can be a little grating after a while. No matter how much you love the person, it can be frustrating to be constantly in each other’s pockets.

Think about what each of your stress triggers are prior to departure, that way you can try and minimize your arguments. If you feel yourself getting a little wound up or annoyed, you can call time-out and go for a walk alone to calm down.

You May Want Alone Time

It’s completely fine to want a little break to regroup–don’t feel bad for suggesting this to your partner or feel that it is indicative that things are not going as well as they should be. Consider staying at an adults-only resort, there are plenty of activities for you to do as a couple or apart. If you’re looking for more of a romantic getaway–be sure you don’t book at a family-friendly resort. These type of resorts typically tend to families with small children.

More than likely, once you’ve had a little independence and maybe a short walk to clear your head, you’re more eager than ever to spend time with your loved one. You will find yourself appreciating the remainder of your time together even more.

Turn Off Your Phone

Nobody wants a travel partner that is constantly checking in on social media or messaging people at home every five minutes. You should learn to disconnect, and set specific times during each day where you can follow up with those at home.

Enjoy the Experience

You may learn good and bad things about your partner during this trip. It might lead you to either fall more in love with your partner or the complete opposite. However your trip ends up, you will be happy you went along with it.

Provided that you manage your expectations from arrival, and approach any differences in a calm and objective manner, you will be sure to have a fabulous and romantic vacation. If things don’t go the way you initially planned, it doesn’t mean the trip isn’t going to be anything less of a good time.

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